Apr 9, 2007


CLUBFREEDOM is a business you can promote anywhere around the world. Currently working in more than a 100 countries growing rapidly in countries like USA, INDIA, CANADA, JAPAN, UK, AUSTRALIA, KOREA and PHILIPPINES.

Clubfreedom is not based on Binary or Matrix concepts, it works as a revolving matrix where you get to earn the money each time your ID cycles out or revolves in the system.

Now It works like this. When you become a part of our team, you are given a username and you enter a structure called the FEEDER BOARD at the bottom level(as shown above). As your team grows or more people join in (it can be from anyone s referral in the board), you move to a higher level, the basic criteria is to make two people join under your ID. The aim is to move out of the FEEDER BOARD to the MAIN BOARD. There will always be someone who moves to the MAIN BOARD as and when the FEEDER BOARD splits.

When you get into the MAIN BOARD(shown above), you move up the system. it works the same as the FEEDER BOARD. And as and when the main board splits, the person who is at the traveler position gets out with a HUGE sum of 6000$. He also gets a paid package at any of his chosen destinations worldwide. AND he gets a re entry in to the system again in the MAIN BOARD.

So every time an ID re cycles or revolves into the system 6000$ is paid by CLUBFREEDOM. It's your chance to EARN!

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~~~**diya_the great said...

nice to hear about starting a new Business with CLUBFREEDOM . author has some great points but I am looking forward to further related posts.