Apr 23, 2007

Clubfreedom opportunity

Club freedom is working all across the globe making people millionaires in no time. We are a strong team which is growing in volumes everyday. Our leaders have a good experience in network marketing industry and try to reach our hand to every one who wants to succeed in this industry.

People are struggling in and out of their daily schedules of work to earn money. But Jobs can never give the kind of financial freedom required to live a comfortable life. Working hard, whole life in a job has never made anyone rich. To be rich you have to think like an entrepreneur. Grab the opportunities at the right time and then make the best out of them is the winning formula. Don’t wait for the things to happen instead make them happen.

“Do today what you want for your tomorrows” Robert Kiyosaki

Club freedom is an opportunity for everyone, age, class, education, country does not matter. What matters is that every one should make money. Club freedom is a business you can promote anywhere around the world. Countries like India, Philippines, USA, Canada are doing very well with Clubfreedom. And we have teams all over the world working with club freedom.

Join us and we will grow together as a team.

Apr 9, 2007


CLUBFREEDOM is a business you can promote anywhere around the world. Currently working in more than a 100 countries growing rapidly in countries like USA, INDIA, CANADA, JAPAN, UK, AUSTRALIA, KOREA and PHILIPPINES.

Clubfreedom is not based on Binary or Matrix concepts, it works as a revolving matrix where you get to earn the money each time your ID cycles out or revolves in the system.

Now It works like this. When you become a part of our team, you are given a username and you enter a structure called the FEEDER BOARD at the bottom level(as shown above). As your team grows or more people join in (it can be from anyone s referral in the board), you move to a higher level, the basic criteria is to make two people join under your ID. The aim is to move out of the FEEDER BOARD to the MAIN BOARD. There will always be someone who moves to the MAIN BOARD as and when the FEEDER BOARD splits.

When you get into the MAIN BOARD(shown above), you move up the system. it works the same as the FEEDER BOARD. And as and when the main board splits, the person who is at the traveler position gets out with a HUGE sum of 6000$. He also gets a paid package at any of his chosen destinations worldwide. AND he gets a re entry in to the system again in the MAIN BOARD.

So every time an ID re cycles or revolves into the system 6000$ is paid by CLUBFREEDOM. It's your chance to EARN!

Apr 3, 2007

Club Freedom In INDIA.


We have pleasure in congratulating our Indian family members for having their brand new back office facility dedicated to their own country. India has now a country office of clubfreedom.biz.

The name of Indian entity is… freedom club holidays pvt ltd, and is located in the most happening city of Bangalore, in south of India. The company has been registered as on 14th of February, and is in the process of getting operational.

You will shortly find the copy of our registration certificate on our website.

Staffing has been started for key personnel, who will provide back office support, voice as well as non-voice. For the benefit of the Indian business associates we shall have al least two or three vernacular languages spoken by your back office support personnel.

Clubfreedom.biz is committed to long term interest in India, and would go by the rules of the land for a continued growth and ethical business operation. Many of you may have experienced in the past some difficulties while paying for your product pack. We are pleased to announce our ongoing discussion and process to setup a payment gateway for Indian rupees payment via various payment options. We expect such payment gateway to take a little while more before it becomes operational, and shall make appropriate announcement, once the happening moment arrives. We anticipate about ten days for this to be ready.

Such operation will help us operate the business in Indian rupees and we shall be governed by the tax laws of the country. All payments will be subjected to Indian tax rules, as applicable and shall contribute to the national exchequer as a law abiding company.

All of above also sets in the process for enumerating and putting in place, the rules of the business, and do’s and don’ts for our business associates in India.

Consequently, we have hired best of the solicitor’s services, for backing us for all our such legal requirements, and a better understanding of the law of the land. We will put in place an agreement with our business associates, which have to be signed while signing up for the club membership.

With so much happening on the Indian scene, we are also committed to put in place an India centric website, which shall become operational in some more time to come. The work on such India centric website has already started. Furthermore, in times to come, we shall develop more product and services dedicated to the website.

In line with our central motto of travel and travel related products and services, we are also happy to announce the kick start of the process for setting up a dedicated travel service, who will specially look after the needs of Indian business associates and develop and provide for them exciting new products and services, centric to Indian needs and requirements. This travel service will be located in India and shall become instrumental in establishing a satisfying growth process.

We are also very much aware of the concerns expressed by our experienced leaders, regarding the emerging competition in the markets in India. We respect the needs and thoughts of our leaders in India and have received a lot of inputs on the subject matter.

We have also set in motion a process to evaluate the possibilities and are evaluating possible developments, keeping in line with our global commitments.

We appeal to our leaders in India to remain focused, not get swayed by short term distractions, and assure them of a globally competitive business environment.

What we intend to put in place is a solution, which shall provide our leaders some kind of residual income, and benefit from the business groups that they have put in place, for all times to come. Such endeavor has to be built keeping in mind various guidelines and requirement by global affiliate bodies of the industry, and such norms have to be integrated in such solutions that we desire to put in place for the benefit of our business leaders in India.

Finally, we would like to thank our Indian business associates, for their warm hearted welcome to Mr. Ronald Litherland on his recent visit to India. He is overwhelmed by the enormity and warmth of the country and the people. He is very much encouraged by the response of the leaders there and have developed a huge respect for his extended Indian family.

We look forward for a deeper engagement with our leaders and providing more strength and support for a long term and growth oriented business process. We shall remain committed to our ongoing endeavors and attend to the needs of the market. We encourage our Indian business associates to continue to participative and communicative for the benefit of all involved in this great opportunity which is Clubfreedom.

This shows the commitment and sincerity of Clubfreedom towards INDIA. We welcome any steps taken by Clubfreedom to help our associates do well.