May 31, 2007

Clubfreedom gets into Forex Trading!

This is the latest newsletter released by Clubfreedom corporate team to all of its members.

Clubfreedom thanks all of its loyal committed members around the globe who have contributed to our fantastic continued growth. Eight months since launch and over 86,000 members in over 100 countries! Many members with fantastic life changing stories from Tragic to Magic! Particularly in developing countries.

From this membership base we have been fortunate in having great leaders in a number of countries not only developing & training their teams but appreciably offering the company sound advice for the longevity and stability of clubfreedom.

The priority item being long term residual income, not only for the team leaders but more importantly new members who can have the ability to earn a few hundred dollars a month whilst waiting to cycle from our lucrative cyclic board program.

Get ready for explosive growth in terms of your downlines and income potential as we have been developing in recent weeks a complimentary plan that will enhance our existing business model whose philosophy is about Lifestyle & Financial Freedom!

Introducing. . .

An exciting opportunity for the small & sophisticated investors to invest in the lucrative high yield FOREX (Foreign Currency Exchange) Market.

We will have two products / services for members.

1. An educational website on the Forex Market whereby members pay a small recurring monthly fee.

2. Able to invest from US$100.00 upwards into the Forex Market.

We will disclose further details as we get closer to launch. Est. couple weeks!
Both of the above products will generate monthly residual income to what we believe will be one of the most stable profitable plans on the planet. . .

A UNI-LEVEL Compensation Plan 10 levels deep with dynamic compression!

Dear members the earning potential with this plan is going to be enormous as you can earn from the monthly recurring fee. . . $3.00 per member per level down 10 levels!

But the BIG earn will be a percentage earned each month from members investment in the Forex Market allocated to the Uni-level. . . WOW!

We believe we are the first company to initiate this into an MLM Plan.
Also implementing upon qualification an AUTO FUND, CRUISES, INVESTMENT PACKAGES. Etc. Get enthused, Clubfreedom is committed to value adding to its valued members for the long term.

eCash Wallet

In accordance with our new plan, as members can start earning monthly residual income we have constructed a new wallet that each existing & new member will have as of the 4th May. The new wallet will be more secure as it will be accessed from your members area so 2 passwords will be used. Also new user names will be issued as the existing email addresses have not been suitable with multiple user names when members cycle as it has caused a few minor problems.

Members can purchase Master Cards immediately from wallet in anticipation of their monthly income. Also available is an innovative card swipe unit for eftpos cards.

Wholesale Leisure Holidays

WLH are introducing very soon an exciting new product for our members. . .
2 for 1 cruises! Yes pay for one and get one free! Imagine, purchase a cruise for $5000 and your partner/wife/friend goes for FREE!

Also cycled members will have the choice of the 7 night fixed price package or that dollar amount given towards the cruise vacation!

Wishing you all Richest Blessings & Happy Vacations

Corporate Team

Clubfreedom is growing all around the world. Be a part of it and grab your chance to make money.